Wooden Boat Festival logo, May 17-18, 2014The world of wooden boating works much in the same way as that of antiques: boats can tell a story, capture a moment in history and require extra love and attention to keep them special.  Whether you have a passion to build them, restore them or admire the work of others, the Maple Bay Marina Wooden Boat Festival in Duncan, BC is gathering you will want to be a part of.

It is often true that when things get old, they are discarded. The technology we have at our fingertips today makes many things obsolete within a few years. Molded fiberglass came onto the scene in 1950 and drastically turned the boating world upside down. Boats were produced by mass production and became an affordable “toy” to purchase. Of course, boats come in all shapes and sizes today and many are truly dazzling to the eye. There are still dedicated groups of people though that work to make sure the wooden boat doesn’t end up in the back room of a museum. These hard working enthusiasts would argue that there is a timeless beauty to wooden boats and this event provides a chance to celebrate just that.

This wooden boat festival, happening May 17-18, 2014, is a feast for the eyes for anyone who loves and appreciates wooden boats. They have a long history in Vancouver Island and this fun, casual festival will bring out boat owners from all over to showcase their prized possessions and rendezvous with others who have the same passion. All ages are welcome to come out for live music, to check out the vendors and artisans, see the model boat show and walk the docks to vote on your favourite wooden boats. All of this surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Duncan, BC—a spring event that couldn’t get any better! If you are a boat owner, there is a special event package just for you as well.

This spring festival is just one of the fantastic events going on around Vancouver Island this year. When you are visiting or just want a special getaway, visit The Prancing Horse Retreat, a spectacular bed and breakfast just twenty minutes north of Victoria. There isn’t one amenity we’ve forgotten in our magnificent suites. Visit us online to see more and call us at 250-743-9378 for reservation information.

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