Logo of the Swiftsure International Yacht RaceThe Royal Victoria Yacht Club brings the Swiftsure International Yacht Race to Victoria, BC on May 24-26, 2014.  This premier long distance sailing race in the British Columbia area starts and ends in Victoria, BC with midpoint markers in U.S. waters. This popular race has drawn talented boating enthusiasts from as far away as Russia, New Zealand, California and Hawaii. There is a rich history to sailboat racing in our area. In Victoria, the first recorded racing is said to be as early as the late 1850’s. A long distance race was proposed in 1930 with six participants and by 1960 there were forty-five boats involved in this classic sailing event.

This course notoriously brings unpredictable currents and winds, bringing challenges that put the skills of each seaman to the test. The Swiftsure race is actually five different races over three courses and is a true challenge for the amateur or experienced sailor. These races take hard work, endurance, knowledge, skill, strategy and a bit of luck. This celebration of sailing is an exciting and fun event for the whole family. Once the boats start arriving, the buzz is in the air and the surrounding community comes alive. Watching the start of the events is exciting! Clover Point is said to be a great viewing spot as all the boats vie for the best starting position.

Sampling of Events:

Thursday, May 22nd – “The Midnights” perform in the Swiftsure Center from 8pm-11pm.

Friday, May 23rd—Club 9ONE9 in the Strathcona Hotel will host trophy presentations for 2013 winners. Official competitors meeting will follow and “Younger Than Yesterday” will close out the evening with a show from 8pm-11pm.

Saturday, May 24th—Pancake breakfast at Clover Point at 8:00am and races start at 8:50. Swiftsure Inshore Classic will end the racing this day and a BBQ wind-up party starts at 4pm.

Sunday, May 25th—Finish line viewing at Ogden Point.

The racing plus all of the activities surrounding this event will make it a great way to spend a weekend. The Prancing Horse Retreat is only a half-hour jaunt away from the event and a wonderful place to relax and rest your head—luxurious amenities surrounded by breathtaking scenery make our bed and breakfast a retreat you won’t forget! Contact us at (250) 743-9378 or visit us online for room and reservation information.

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