44th Annual Brentwood Regatta text over an image of the sun setting on a group of rowers in a boatThe 44th Annual Brentwood Regatta is a few weeks away and the preparations for this prestigious junior regatta are well underway. Brentwood College School on Vancouver Island, BC boasts being one of Canada’s best boarding schools. Their innovative approach and university preparatory programs make Brentwood a highly respected and remarkable place. Another beloved aspect of this school is the fact that it lies on over one kilometer of waterfront facing the Gulf Islands and views of Mount Baker.

Brentwood College is the perfect setting for this annual regatta, which will bring over 1600 athletes and coaches from the United States and all over British Columbia to be a part of it. A regatta is simply a series of boat races and this rowing event will take place April 25-27, 2014. The weekend will provide participants and visitors a host of things to take in all weekend long. Aside from the nail-biting racing there will be entertainment, the Brentwood Student Art Show and a chance to meet a whole new bunch of friends. At the end of the weekend there will be a wonderful buffet lunch provided for competitors, coaches, umpires and visitors.

Another important thing to note is that Brentwood College is hoping to make this event as “green” as possible to significantly reduce the impact on the environment during this huge event. There will be product selection, recycling and garbage sorting guidelines and “Green Star” certificates will be handed out to vendors and stalls who best fit the stated policies.

This is a special occasion that brings our community together. If you will be making a stop at the Prancing Horse Retreat, the regatta is an exciting way to spend your weekend.

**For more information about the regatta, contact Debbie Sage at (250) 743-5521 ext.136 or visit the event website.

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