To celebrate the rich diversity of our residents’ cultures & heritages, British Columbia established the BC Cultural Crawl, kicking off each year on British Columbia Day, Monday, August 4, 2013, and continuing through the month of August.  During this month, the entire country focuses on all things cultural, and we welcome you to discover our roots during your bed and breakfast vacation at The Prancing Horse!

BC’s culture began when our original residents came over via the land-bridge from Asia across the Bering Sea.  Until the Europeans arrived in 1778, it is thought that these peoples created a dense populous along our coastal regions.  Once the British “white men” arrived, much of our native peoples were wiped out due to disease, as so often happens when an isolated culture is exposed to new people.  However, the Europeans persisted and finally settled in the area of Victoria in the mid 1800s.  The late 1800s Gold Rush brought settlers from all over the world to our shores… and the rest is history.
Today, BC hosts a very diverse population including over 40 Aboriginal groups, a large Asian presence, and a smattering of German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese groups, resulting in one of the most diverse populations in the world.  Currently, the Nisga Nation is known as the oldest cultural group still in existence in BC.

More about the event itself …

A wide variety of locations and events are highlighted during this self-guided event including museums, art houses, and establishments selling local handiwork and goods.  No matter where you venture on Vancouver Island, you’re sure to find some sort of cultural destination!

In nearby Cobble Hill, Merridale Ciderworks not only offers products from the orchard, but they also sell an array of goods from Cowichan Valley artisans.

A little further north in Duncan finds Margit Nellemann Ceramics, The Cowichan Theatre, Quw’utsun’ Cultural Centre and Riverwalk Cafe, Averill Creek Vineyard, BC Forest Discovery Centre, and the Heartwood Studio.  Chemainus features the world-famous murals in  which depict local history and famous figures, and further north in Ladysmith and Nanaimo you’ll find more art, pottery, museums, theatre, and events such as the Maple Sugar Festival in February, and the Professional Craft Fair in November.

If you want to venture to Victoria Island’s southernmost shore, Sooke offers feltmaker Sheila Beech’s Exhibit Room III, the Sooke Harbour House and Gallery, The Sooke Harbor Restaurants, the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra, and the South Shore Gallery.

Of course, Victoria, with its dense population and financial means is THE cultural center of the Island!  38 locations and events of all kinds await you here.  You’ll find everything from native history to modern food and art.  And because the city is located just 30 minutes from our front door, you can easily head to the city after a wonderful Prancing Horse breakfast, spend the day, and return to your gorgeous room-with-a-view here in the evening!  So plan a visit and come discover the cultural color of BC and Victoria Island!

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