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Pumpkins Galore and More at Abby Lane Farm – Duncan BC

Abby Lane FarmIf you were able to take a survey in 1862, you would have found that almost 90 out of 100 people were farmers. The first farm lots in Canada were long narrow plots next to the St. Lawrence River. Families started farming to supply their basic needs and it wasn’t easy work. Today, the number of farmers has dwindled significantly—it almost seems like a lost art or something you would only do if you grew up on a farm and took it over as an adult. For those of us who do not or are not able to grow our own “fresh from the field” fruits and vegetables, we need to rely on dedicated people who work and toil, such as the great folks at Abby Lane Farm in Duncan, BC.

Located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, Abby Lane Farm has a great history that started in 1963. The farm was named after the family dog and a favorite Beatles song. In 2007, they successfully grew an acre of pumpkins, which gave birth to years of growing a wide variety of pumpkins that are available to the public each and every year. With a desire to experiment, the farm now provides customers with a bunch of different varieties of pumpkins—some perfect for eating and baking and others for decorating. You can find giant pumpkins that may top the scale at over 300 pounds to miniature orange and white pumpkins that are perfect for your fall decorations at home. Their “knuckle head” version is covered with warts and the perfect addition to a Halloween themed porch! They also have a variety of specialty pumpkins of a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as organic sugar/pie ones that are perfect for your Grandmother’s pie recipe.

At their beautiful farm gate stand you can find winter and summer squash, and gourds. There is also ornamental corn with burgundy, reds, orange, yellows and blues and sunflowers, both of which would light up your house with color. Abby Lane Farm is also dedicated to organic farming, and uses no pesticides or herbicides. Throughout the month of October they are open every day from dawn until dusk and are cash-only. For inquiries you can call (250) 709-5405.

It is a short, beautiful drive to this farm from the Prancing Horse Retreat and a great way to spend a fall afternoon. Owner Elaine, who serves up our gourmet breakfasts each morning may even have some great ideas on how you can use your fresh produce when you get back home! Fall is a beautiful season on Vancouver Island and a great time to make some memories. Visit our luxurious bed and breakfast for a getaway you won’t forget. Contact us at (250) 743-9378 for reservation information.

573 Ebadora Lane P.O. Box 11 Malahat, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada, V0R 2L0 . Phone: (250) 743-9378