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IMAX Film Festival at Royal BC Museum – Victoria BC

Most of us have heard the popular phrase, “Go big or go home.” We use this in reference to sports games, taking on a new challenge, or creating something – a way to inspire and encourage doing our best. When it comes to watching a movie on the big screen, an even bigger screen offers a whole different level of entertainment. This is where the IMAX movie experience comes in and the theatre at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC is going big this year with the 2015 IMAX Film Festival.

For five weeks from March 12, 2015 to April 9, 2015 you will have the chance to see six incredible IMAX films. You can choose to purchase a single or double feature ticket but they are offering a great deal called the Film Festival Pass for those who may want to catch them all. For only $38.50 you receive a pass to see all six. You can see all of them yourself or you can be generous and take five of your friends to one movie. Bump up ten dollars more to $48.50 and you can get an annual pass that lets you catch any IMAX film all year long.

The six films that are part of this IMAX Film Festival are:

The Magic of Flight


The Living Sea

Mystery of the Nile

Wonders of the Arctic

Mystic India

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