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Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, BC Bring True Beauty

black and white butterflyIf asked to think about something beautiful, what comes to your mind? Perhaps a gorgeous sunset, a full rainbow after a storm, the face of a small child, and the love of an elderly couple married 50 years, or the majestic mountains around Vancouver Island. It would probably be something different for each of us. There is true beauty to be found all over The Prancing Horse Retreat, making it one reason we have guests from all over the world choose our bed and breakfast.

Just a short drive away to Victoria, BC you can also visit the Butterfly Gardens, which offer an escape into another beautiful world no matter what time of year you may be visiting us. The lush tropical gardens that greet you when you walk in the door can put a smile on anyone’s face and bring instant relaxation as you walk around the gardens. It is truly a tropical wonderland and actually received an award for being Canada’s Best New or Improved Attraction for 2012.

In addition to the warm, tropical gardens that host over 200 species of beautiful orchids and thousands of tropical plants, you can encounter free range tree frogs, geckos, wall lizards, free flying parrots, tortoises, a giant iguana, Caribbean flamingos, and many other exotic birds. There are giant Koi fish in the pond and stream and of course, hundreds of free flying butterflies representing over 75 species from all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a getaway full of adventure and touring around Vancouver Island to places like these gardens or one of total relaxation and rest, The Prancing Horse Retreat is perfect for both. We are close to great shopping, dining, and outdoor fun and our amenities and accommodations make for a true home away from home if you never want to leave! View our luxurious suites and book online or feel free to contact us at (250) 743-9378 for further information about our bed and breakfast or the Island.


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