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5 Things You May Not Know About Vancouver Island, BC

tail of a whale on the surface of the waterThose of us fortunate to live on Vancouver Island, BC have the inside track on the best places to visit, eat, shop, and the best scoop on some of the things that make this area of Canada a wonderful place to live and travel.

Our bed and breakfast, Prancing Horse Retreat is in our opinion, a fantastic reason to visit the Island but we wanted to share a few tidbits that you may not know about the area. These are of course just drops in the pond when it comes to the incredible things about the Island but they may provide just the nudge you need to start making a plan for an incredible winter or spring retreat.

The first thing you may not know is that Vancouver Island has an abundance of caves to explore! There are in fact, more than 1000 known caves and some of the longest and deepest are in the northern area of the Island.

Second, did you know that Strathcona Park is home to the highest waterfall in North America? Della Falls is 440 meters high and the surrounding area has many marked trails and fantastic lookout spots. You can hike, camp, fish, and just enjoy being in nature.

Third, if you are up for some real blood-pumping adventure, did you know that you can sea kayak right next to killer whales? The Robson Bight Ecological Reserve is the world’s first killer whale sanctuary located in the Johnstone Straight. There are around 230 whales that visit these waters to feast on salmon and you can experience listening to their vocalizations underwater, learning about their behavior, and paddling the kayak adventure of your lifetime.

Fourth, did you know we have a place that is actually called, “bear alley?” Along the highway leading into Port Hardy, you can often sea bears relaxing as they dine on sweet grass.

Fifth, to add a bit of culture to our list here, are you aware that Victoria has a Chinatown that is the first and oldest in Canada and the second oldest in North America after San Francisco? You can take a Hidden Dragon Tour and explore a myriad of wonderful shops and markets. “Fan Tan Alley” is definitely a place to stop if you are in Victoria.

So, do you have a favorite new place you would like to see? The weather is great and the Prancing Horse Retreat has all of the amenities you need—plus a spectacular view that will take your breath away. Book directly online or contact us at (250) 743-9378 for reservation information.

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