folk festival

Visit Vancouver Island this July 19, 20, 21, 2013 for the Islands Folk Festival!  Sponsored by the Chowican Folk Guild and Providence Farm, this is a family-friendly weekend of music and community.  Learn all about the area through musical artistry, by meeting the locals and hearing their stories, attending workshops, and by absorbing the goodwill that the event brings!  Now in its 29th year, this family-friendly event brings together friends both old and new for an appreciation of local music and lore.

“Folk music” can encompass a very wide variety of musical styles.  Rock, jazz, soul, blues, and songs with roots in an area’s history (Celtic, Zydeco, dulcimer, etc.).  All these styles can be found at the Festival, performed by over 40 acts!  Six stages host acts such as the legend herself: Judy Collins, Shawn Phillips of 1970’s guitar fame, the Jim Byrnes Blues Band, local folk icon Connie Kaldor, and so many more.  New this year is the addition of folk dance to the lineup.

The Festival is held each year a the Providence Farm in Duncan, just a 30 minute drive from the inn along the Island Highway through the beautiful Vancouver woodlands with overlooks providing sweeping views of the sound.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online.  Day, partial day, and entire weekend tickets are available.  All are a reasonable price when you consider the number of bands you’ll see playing, and the amazing venue.  Please note that only 3000 people are allowed onsite at any given time, meaning that tickets are limited!  So claim yours soon!

A little about the venue:  Providence Farm is an organic grower of a wide variety of produce.  They work with with those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities to provide skills and knowledge for everyday life in a natural, therapeutic setting.  The farm also works to provide community programs.  Its 400 acres, donated by the Sisters of St. Ann, is actually a working community for their residents and program attendees.  Here, they can learn to (of course) grow crops, care for animals, construct furniture, develop cooking skills, weave, weld, and even become community leaders.

While camping is available at the event itself, it would be much more comfortable, and peaceful, here at the Prancing Horse!  After an incredible gourmet breakfast, head up to Duncan to spend a day at the festival, knowing that your cozy, quiet suite and a great night’s rest awaits your return!

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