The Malahat is not just a mountain.  It is far more than an obstacle blocking your way from Langford to Mill Bay.  You might say that it is actually a gateway to  a great relaxing and beautiful getaway here at the Prancing Horse Retreat.

Imagine our surprise and distinct pleasure when Shaw TV realized this fact and featured us on their June 6, 2013 episode of go! Island!

GoIslandThe host, Karen Elgersma, fell in love with the views and our gorgeous bed and breakfast home as soon as she arrived.  During the episode she interviews us (innkeepers Elaine and Alan Dillabaugh) and highlights a number of facts and features of our mountaintop retreat, including the origins of the inn, the food, the hobby farm, and more!

You hear the stories of magic happening on restaurant napkins?  The Prancing Horse is no exception!  As our dream home, our architect sketched out our vision on this handy version of paper during lunch.  With just a few tweaks, a plan was hatched, and our beautiful Victoria Island inn came to life.

And hold on to your taste buds, because the episode also highlights our gourmet breakfasts!  Innkeeper Elaine loves to cook for our guests, creating wonderful baked items, delicious traditional breakfast foods, fresh fruit, coffee, and more.  Whether you choose to dine with the other guests, or in the privacy of your suite or its terrace, it will leave you ready for your next island adventure.

Want a small, quiet wedding or elopement with a spectacular view?  We also have a wedding chapel here on the property.  This quaint structure is the perfect setting for intimate vows overlooking the Saanich Inlet.

Come meet our animals at our new hobby farm, also featured in the show!  With horses, chickens, cows, and pigs, you’ll get a taste of our improved lifestyle here on the mountain.  Innkeeper Alan has worked diligently to prepare the property, using wood from our own trees to build the barns and fences needed for the farm.

And are you traveling with your horse(s) and want a place to stay a night or two as you travel the Island Highway?  With our hobby farm, we now have the ability to care for your mares and mustangs during your stay!  That’s right, we will be offering a “Bed and Bail” in the very near future for equine guests traveling with their owners!  Feel free to contact us for more information.

But don’t take our word (or Karen Elgersma’s word) for it, have a look below for yourself!  Even better yet, come see it all in person during your British Columbia getaway here on the Malahat!



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